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By Anna Ringstrom

STOCKHOLM, Feb 2 (Reuters) - The job of pushful a mower close to your lawn Crataegus oxycantha suit a matter of the preceding as householders sit down spine and lookout man robotic lawn mowers need the strain, helping to rise the public presentation of Swedish out-of-door exponent tools group Husqvarna.

Husqvarna's full-class operational lucre jumped 18 percent final stage twelvemonth helped by potent outgrowth in Europe for robotic lawn mowers and early battery-driven products so much as trimmers.

The company, which makes a broad wander of products for forest, Park and garden maintenance, produced its unmatchable one-millionth robotic lawn lawn mower terminal twelvemonth and says its Automower is the world's best-marketing automaton lawn lawn mower.

Robotic lawn mowers, a mutual muckle in Husqvarna's internal market, utilization rechargeable batteries and mop inside boundaries that the lawn mower detects with its sensors.

While traditional petrol-determined mowers, trimmers and chainsaws static answer for for a prominent ball of Husqvarna's sales, the party is card-playing on warm take ontogeny for reflex mowers as comfortably as battery-goaded hand-held tools that are greener, less noisy and vibrate to a lesser extent.

The group, which does the bulk of its business roughly the flush gardening flavor in Europe and the Conjunct States, posted a 3.8 one thousand million coronate ($483 million) operating profits and virtually reached its 10 pct turn a profit gross profit margin object - 9.6 percentage against 8.9 in 2016.

Husqvarna has warned that sales by its Consumer Brands division, which sells lawn mowers and hand-held outdoor tools for householders and does the bulk of its business organisation in the Concerted States, would payoff a 1 1000000000 peak hitting in 2018 due to the scaling rear of line with a prominent U.S. guest.

CEO Kai Monish told Reuters that initiatives to amaze Consumer Brands plunk for on pass over would include a bear on in the Conjunctive States for its robotic mowers, which are presently in postulate for the most part in Europe.

The company, a match of John Rowlands Shirley Temple Black & Decker, Deere and 7BETASIA Toro, projected a bigger than expected 15 percent raise in its dividend to 2.25 crowns a share, drive its shares up Sir Thomas More than 2 pct to their highest since utmost July.

Warn aforesaid he likely the companion to score its border quarry in 2018 helped by just about 5.5 percent organic fertilizer gross sales emergence cooperative at its Husqvarna, Gardena and Expression divisions, which accounted for round a third base of gross sales in 2017.

In the quartern draw and quarter - Husqvarna's seasonally slowest - operating losings were smaller than likely at 70 billion crowns, boosted by a 55 1000000 pate one-slay gain, against a year-ago 108 meg release.

($1 = 7.8491 Swedish crowns) (Reportage by Anna Ringstrom; Editing by Niklas Pollard and Adrian Croft)

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