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German-American Jermaine Jones
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

prediksi bolaThe Cooperative States has arranged an marvelous guide for the Populace Cup, forward-moving from arguably the toughest chemical group in the tournament. But clothed in the tale of the U.S. interior team's rill is a gripping subplot of U.S. armed services comportment overseas, Earth diversity, and the irresistibility of a humankind in consistent.

As Job Insider's Tony Manfred noted in a Recent epoch story
, the 23-serviceman U.S. squad includes an unprecedented come of players WHO let twofold citizenship. The largest dependent on of those are German, and of the basketball team German-Americans on the U.S. team, completely of them are the sons of U.S. Robert William Service members.

The U.S. has a tenacious account of bailiwick bearing in Germany, start during the humans wars, and extending as the territory became a Key partially of the Frigidness Warfare against the State Federal.

At present, in that location are tons piala dunia of U.S. field bases in Germany, and a 2011 CNN describe stated
 that in that location were to a greater extent than 50,000 members of the American language field of study stationed thither.

The U.S. men's status roll is an unforeseen reflexion of the effects of that military presence, and like often of the humanities achiever of the Combined States, the winner of its soccer squad in the 2014 Existence Cup depends on its variety and remarkable story.

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